Mac Software

I write software for Mac OS as a hobby.  I’m currently working on a set of GM tools for the Dark Heresy RPG, to be released at an undetermined time in the future.

 Clue Generator v1.1

Clue Generator is a utility for Games Masters running Dark Heresy V2 games.  It is based on the clue generator pdf file, available from Fantasy Flight Games.  In addition to this content, Clue Generator has the ability to save custom clues in the database.

Download Clue Generator v1.1

Dice Roller V1.1

Dice Roller is a basic dice rolling app, which provides the ability to roll the standard polyhedral RPG dice, the ability to roll multiple dice of the same kind, plus remove the highest or lowest roll from the total. Requires Mac OS X v10.10

Download Dice Roller v1.1