My decision to resurrect my blog is thanks to a conversation with my friend Quinzy Beardsdale (not his real name, btw). He mentioned that he’d like to start blogging about his efforts to learn about cyber-security, but didn’t want to entrust his data to a free blogging site. I told him that I had a sadly unused blog, and said that if he felt like it then I’d be happy to let him post security related articles.

So, to cut a short story long, Quinzy has been involved in IT for many years, and has picked up a bit of knowledge about cyber-security along the way. However, he’s wanting to specialise in penetration testing, and is well aware that he needs to improve his knowledge and skills to do so. He’ll be documenting his journey here on the BTSO blog, along with other security related bits and pieces that he feels like posting.

I have in the past posted a few times about security topics that caught my interest, and as part of the rebuilding of my blog I’ll repost the ones that I feel are worth keeping. I’m hoping that Quinzy might contribute some of his wisdom to those posts if he has the chance.