Bring That Stuff On

All the stuff, all the time…


Bring That Stuff On came about in 2005 when Damien decided he needed a place to show off the web design skills he was learning at the time. His interests have moved on from web design these days, and so the site has been repurposed as a blog. Recently Quinzy Beardsdale expressed an interest in blogging about computer security, so he has joined the site as a contributor.

About Damien

Damien loves tinkering with stuff. He firmly believes that if it ain’t broke then he hasn’t tinkered with it enough. His current interests are photography, astronomy, electronics and gel blasters. Damien’s posts are likely to be an eclectic mix on whatever is catching his attention at the moment.

About Quinzy

Quinzy has had a fascination with cyber-security since he read the book “The Cuckoos Egg” by Clifford Stoll. After messing with Linux and networking as a hobby he decided that maybe he should pursue that sort of thing as a career. With that in mind he’s started learning the ins and outs of cyber-security. He plans to record his progress here.