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  • AstroBook Day 2 – Software Install
    In my last post I got my old MacBook Pro up and running with Linux and cobbled together a network […]
  • AstroBook Day 1 – Preparation
    In my last post I planned what I needed to transform my old laptop into a something useful for astrophotography. […]
  • AstroBook – Day 0
    Wanting to do some astrophotography, but not wanting to mess around with trying to line up and focus a camera […]
  • The Subtle Art of the Kludge
    In my previous post about Linux from scratch I mentioned that the WiFi hardware on that particular model had less […]
  • Wait, What Blog?
    I’ve just realised that it’s been nearly 6 months since my last post. There I was, raring to go with […]
  • Linux From Scratch – Day 2
    So, after the previous session’s trials and tribulations, I was determined to make sure the next step ran as smoothly […]
  • The Linux From Scratch (LFS) Project
    What am I Doing? Building a Linux system from scratch on a 13” MacBook Pro Mid 2010 and documenting the […]
  • New Minecraft Launcher Deleted My Installations!
    Just recently a new version of the Minecraft launcher was released. I dutifully installed it, simply to get rid of […]
  • Getting Family Sharing to Work in iCloud
    I’ve been a long-time fan of Apple computers, mostly because my experience has been that when I want to do […]
  • Fabricati Diem, Pvnc
    Some time ago I was surprised to read about a TV show being produced based on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series […]
  • Learning the “F Word” in Russian…
    Back in the day I spent 3 years in the Australian Army Reserves. One of the few skills I’ve retained […]
  • Is your password really secure?
    Originally posted on October 3, 2018 by Damien Having worked in IT for many years, I thought I had a […]
  • Shafted by eBay – Part 2
    This is a continuation of my first post about how eBay effectively hijacked my account. If you haven’t read it […]
  • Shafted by eBay – Part 1
    Earlier this week I was surprised to get an email from eBay stating that my eBay account was being restricted […]
  • Self Working Card Tricks
    Originally posted on September 9, 2018 by Damien The first card trick I ever learned was a pretty simple one […]
  • The Lie Detector
    Originally posted on September 1, 2018 by Damien I’ve mentioned the first “real” magic trick that I learned was entitled […]
  • Introducing Quinzy Beardsdale
    My decision to resurrect my blog is thanks to a conversation with my friend Quinzy Beardsdale (not his real name, […]
  • It’s a Kind of Magic…
    Originally posted on August 28, 2018 by Damien I’ve always had a bit of an interest in magic tricks and […]
  • It’s Back…
    Well, it’s been nearly a year since the free web host I was using previously caused my site to disappear […]